red one pl mount

The owner of the camera enables the lens holder PL in reddish cameras. Someone will connect with the brain’s dsmc and dsmc 2.

PL Mount makes it possible for you to use cinema lenses PL holder with your red one pl mount DSMC brain or DSMC2.

The system is lightweight duralumin alloy and durable locking system ensures strong, castration assistance holder glass square Keen on the screws, ensure that dangerous Supplement and take into account the most convenient removal of the holder. This decoction owner has for the purpose of filmmakers looking for cinematic aesthetic of PL lenses. Stand-portable base for the purpose of registration in the required condition and clear guidance of visual devices, cameras, video equipment and lighting equipment. Adaptation is authorized to guarantee the stability of shooting and visual equipment in each range of statements and eliminate pulsations. The 3D head ensures clear placement of the camera. The lack of massive small volume and timeliness.

Ball heads are ready to rotate the camera in different directions. Aerial equipment is fixed by pressing a single key-the fixer. Reasonably they suggest themselves to the steel ball with an attached Playground. Dignity globose heads – timeliness, safety, compactness. The lack of the susceptibility of the iron ball to the blockage.

Panoramic heads are provided for the purpose of forming landscape photos. The system of the landscape head consists of vertical and horizontal hinges, any of which is equipped with a personal lock.

In some modifications of the current photostat used macro-or rail head. A micrometric screw enters the rail head system, which provides the possibility of moving the camera in transverse and shared currents.

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